Why Is Gutter Pitch Important?

A closeup of the corner of a home's roof. You can see the white gutters along the side of the house.

Why Is Gutter Pitch Important?

If you’ve ever experienced any issues with your home’s rain gutter systems, you’ll likely have learned just how important they are to your home’s health. Having water damage occur on your roof can potentially be devastating to your wallet, as it can cost a fortune to get repaired! For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure that your rain gutters are installed to perfection. One of the most important elements that goes into making this happen is the pitch of your gutters. If you aren’t familiar with gutter pitch, we’ll explain it and its importance to your rain gutter system below!

What Is Gutter Pitch?

If you’ve looked at a traditional rain gutter setup from afar, you’ve probably thought that the gutters are perfectly parallel to the ground. This actually isn’t true, and leads perfectly into what gutter pitch is. While your gutters may look straight from a distance, they actually have to be slightly angled in order to promote the proper flow of water. This slight slant in your rain gutter systems is referred to as gutter pitch. As you’ll learn, gutter pitch is a critical component to the proper functioning of your gutter system.

Gutter Pitch Prevents Standing Water

Your rain gutter systems won’t always operate perfectly, and there are several issues that can arise that compromise their integrity. One of these problems is directly related to gutter pitch, and that’s the issue of standing water. In a normally functioning system, the water is able to flow properly throughout the system and down the downspout. Standing water means that your gutters aren’t properly pitched, as there’s nowhere for the water to flow to. The weight of water adds up, so it’s important to fix that sooner rather than later.

Gutter Pitch Prevents Clogging

Water isn’t the only thing that rain gutters help to move away from your home! Dirt, rock, leaves and other debris can strike your roof, and properly pitched gutters will allow this debris to flow away from your home the same way water would. If this pitch is compromised, it could lead to clogged gutters on your roof. This is another way that standing water forms, which we’ve already identified as a serious problem! Having properly pitched gutters does wonders to prevent more problems than one.

Gutter Installation With L.I. Metal Systems

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