What To Do About Standing Water In Your Gutters

A closeup view of a home's rain gutter system being hit by heavy rainfall.

What To Do About Standing Water In Your Gutters

Your home’s gutters should always be working properly to prevent any outstanding issues. When a problem arises with them, it’s important to address it sooner rather than later to stop it from spiraling out of control. Clogged gutters are a big issue that tends to be common with most gutter systems, but there’s a lesser known problem that may have them beat: standing water in your gutters. The flow of water from your roof to the street below should be seamless, so standing water is obviously a serious issue. We show you what to do when faced with this problem below!

Check Your Fascia Boards

You may be thinking that checking your fascia boards is completely unnecessary. After all, it’s a problem with the rain gutter systems, right? Actually, checking your fascia boards can potentially help you determine the root cause of standing water! The main thing to look for here is if your rain gutter system is still attached to your fascia boards. If it isn’t, then that means that your gutters are sagging. Sagging gutters make it much harder for rainwater to escape. If you can realign your gutters, the issue should cease to be.

Check Your Gutters For Clogs

Just because there’s standing water in your rain gutters doesn’t mean that there aren’t any clogs. Perhaps the clogs aren’t as visible as you might think! Clogging doesn’t have to take up the entire gutter system; leaves and other debris can pile up in a stack, essentially creating a barrier between the standing water and the safe passageway off of the roof. If you can see the clogs (i.e. they aren’t in your downspouts), you should make quick work of getting it cleaned up. You can also try installing gutter guards to pair with your gutters to help minimize this maintenance work.

Check The Slope Of Your Gutters

If you thought your gutters were completely parallel with the pavement below, then you’d be mistaken! Gutters have to slope every few feet in order to promote the proper draining of water. One of the leading causes of standing water in your rain gutters is improperly sloped gutters. If there’s no slope, rainwater won’t drain as easily – or at all! If your gutters aren’t clogged and you see standing water, it’s a good sign of an improper slope. Contact a professional to fix this problem!

Rain Gutter Installation With L.I. Metal Systems

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