Company History

California's First Seamless Rain Gutter Contractor

LI Metal Systems, originally called Lucky Installations, was founded in 1970 by Tony Chiovare and Peter Buekckert who had a vision and borrowed $1000 and a truck. LI Metal Systems was the very first seamless rain gutter company in CA. They started out by convincing builders and homeowners to use seamless, custom rain gutters instead of the usual 10’ sections. This caught on fast, and people noticed that because there were no seams, there were no leaks!

Throughout the years we have had and earned many certifications and awards. Believe it or not we have outlasted most of the institutions who gave these accolades! We have been in this industry for over 51 years, and we have seen it all. We have always stayed ahead of the curve and use top quality materials and practice installation methods that far exceed the industry standard. We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service and have a company culture that is hard to match in any industry; in fact, our average installer tenure is almost 20 years!

We are very proud of all these things and because of them we have installed over 45,000,000 ft. of seamless gutter, countless maintenance free soffit and fascia projects, and miles of top-quality gutter protection. We appreciate every one of our customers, and we look forward to serving the industry for many more years, with the same principles and philosophies instilled by Tony and Peter in 1970.

Today, LI Metal Systems is owned by the 2nd generation of the Chiovare family. Our management and sales team average tenure is 30 years! In 2023, we are set to celebrate the retirement of our 1st hired installer from 1971, Ruben. It is our legacy to honor our father and Peter Bueckert for generations to come.”

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