Rain Gutters Maintenance Checklist

A male worker in a navy shirt and green gloves shovels yellow leaves out of his black gutters.

Rain Gutters Maintenance Checklist

Do you know how important your rain gutters are to your home? They are the last line of defense between your roof and home foundation, and costly water damage. They help rainwater to effortlessly flow away from your home and prevent these unnecessary costs. However, their effectiveness doesn’t make them exempt from common problems! You’ll need to do regular maintenance on them to ensure they don’t lose their functionality. For a full checklist of how to maintain your rain gutters, read on!

Clean Out Debris

Water isn’t the only thing that will pass through your roof’s rain gutters! Leaves, sediment from your roof’s tiles, and other debris will likely get stuck in them over time. If you leave them unchecked, your gutters could get clogged, meaning that there’s nowhere left for that water to go! As part of your routine gutter maintenance, you should be cleaning this debris out. Shovel out the big debris yourself, and then run through your gutters with a hose to clear out any of the smaller debris.

Check For Leaky Seals

Don’t put that hose away just yet! It has more use than just flushing out small debris. Running a hose through your gutter system will help you to check it for leaks. Leave the hose running and observe your gutters for a minute or two. If you notice any areas that are dripping or pouring, apply caulk to the area to seal them. Once it’s been properly applied, run your hose again and observe. You shouldn’t see any lingering issues!

Check The Water Runoff

In order for your gutters to work at their fullest, the water needs to not only get off of the roof, but away from your home! Using your hose to make a makeshift pool, test the runoff by standing near your downspouts and observing the water flow. If it doesn’t flow away from your home, you may need to invest in things like splash blocks and irrigation pipes to further control the flow of water. If you’ve noticed it going away from your home, you should be all set!

Rain Gutters with L.I. Metal Systems

L.I. Metal Systems has the tools you need to not only ensure that your gutters work, but that they work to their full potential. Our gutters have the potential to last for decades and provide your home with the defenses it needs. You can even install the LeafBlaster Pro to get rid of most of the cleaning maintenance! To improve your home’s functionality and save on repair costs, click here to contact us directly!

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