A set of white seamless gutters on a white house. You can see the corner of the roof and the gutters underneath.

Seamless Gutters vs. Seamed Gutters

Choosing which gutters to fit your home with is a decision that is incredibly important. After all, your gutters are the last line of defense between your home and costly damage to its foundation! One of the most vital questions you can ask yourself before committing to a gutter set is: “What type of gutter system would work best for my home?”. There are two main types of gutters, which are seamed gutters and seamless gutters. But, which one is the better choice? We break down the differences between them below!

Seamed Gutters

Seamed gutters are considered to be the “traditional” type of gutters. They come with a unique set of advantages, but a unique set of drawbacks as well. Seamed gutters don’t require professionals to be installed. You install seamed gutters in sections, meaning you can do the installation yourself! While you’ll be saving a bit of cash by forgoing professional installation, it could come back to bite you later! Seamed gutters are far more prone to leaks and damage, meaning that you’ll have to perform regular maintenance on them. If they do leak, it could lead to expensive repairs down the line!

Seamless Gutters

While seamed gutters come in sections, seamless gutters are sold and installed in pieces. They generally require the help of a professional installation service to be installed properly. Because of this, your gutters won’t be anywhere near as prone to damage or leaks! You’ll still need to maintain your gutters, but they’ll require it far less often. Seamless gutters are also far more durable than seamed gutters, regardless of the type of material you use on them. Since they’re designed specifically to fit around your home, they’ll likely fit better on it than seamed gutters.

Which One Is Better?

When weighing pros and cons, it’s easy to see that seamless gutters provide better rewards than seamed gutters. They cost less, look better on your home, and are far easier to maintain! In order to reap all of the benefits that seamless gutters offer, you’ll need to work with a professional installation company that can ensure its proper functionality. 

For this purpose, L.I. Metal Systems is the perfect place to call! We specialize in installing aluminum and copper seamless gutters, and our expert installation practices will ensure that your home’s exterior is performing at it’s best. To see what our gutter installation services can do for your home, click here to contact us directly!

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