Common Summer Gutter Problems And How To Fix Them

A close up image of a set of gutters that has been clogged.

Common Summer Gutter Problems And How To Fix Them

Warm summer weather is the perfect motivation to spend more time outdoors and care for the areas of your home that are ignored during the cold winter months. Your gutters are one of the many areas of your home that need a little extra TLC during the summer. There are a few common gutter issues that can become very costly if you don’t catch them early. Let’s learn more about what those common gutter problems are and what you can do to fix them before winter returns! 


Gutters are prone to catching leaves, sticks, and other debris that fall around your home. Over time, that debris will start to decompose. Those decomposing materials are a breeding ground for mold and algae. Debris in your gutter system will also prevent the water from properly draining off your roof. When this happens, your roof is at an increased risk of water damage and leaks. 

The best way to correct this summer gutter problem is to clean your gutters at least twice a year. To clean your gutters you’ll need a ladder, heavy-duty gloves, and something to put the debris into. Remove all visible debris before flushing the gutter system with water from your hose. If the water is still not flowing properly, there’s still debris in your gutter system somewhere. You can hire a professional gutter cleaning service to save yourself some time and stress! 


The last thing you want as a homeowner are pests lingering around your home. Your gutters are the perfect place for birds, rodents, insects, and even some reptiles to call home. Those unwanted pests will only further clog your gutter system and could even cause damage to the gutters. Plus, it’s pretty gross to know there are pests living so close to the interior of your home! 

Pests should always be removed by a professional exterminator. Attempting to remove pests yourself is dangerous for both you and the animal. Keeping the gutter system clear of debris lowers the risk of pests turning your gutters into their home in the first place. 

Damaged Gutters 

Gutters can be damaged any time of year, but summer storms raise the risk of damage. During your summertime gutter cleaning, inspect the gutters for signs of damage. This may include cracks, holes, and areas where the gutters are pulling away from the house. Damaged gutters need to be repaired by a professional ASAP to prevent damage to your roof from poor water drainage. 

Contact L.I. Metal Systems today for all of your summertime gutter needs! Our team can help clean your gutters, remove unwanted pests, make repairs, and even install a new gutter system. Schedule your consultation today before summer is over!

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