How To Tell If Your Home Has Water Damage

A man in a blue flannel shirt reaches up to repair damaged parts of a ceiling. You can see yellow rot and soft areas, both signs of water damage

How To Tell If Your Home Has Water Damage

Water damage is never a problem you want to have in your home. In the unfortunate event that water damage does occur, noticing the issue quickly will allow you to resolve it with minimal repair costs. However, the signs of this issue in your home aren’t always the most obvious! There are a ton of subtle signs of this problem that you need to watch out for. We’ve assembled the most telling signs of water damage in your home below.

An Increase In Your Water Bill

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you should have a good idea of what the water bill payment looks like month to month. Have you noticed a sudden spike in that price? It could be a sign of hidden water damage! This most likely means that there is a leak somewhere in your home that needs to be addressed. Keep in mind that an increase of only a few dollars shouldn’t set off too many alarm bells; you need to look for a more significant spike.

Soft Spots in the Floors or Walls

If you’ve noticed that any of the floors or walls in your home have looked a little off, you might want to feel them. They should never have softness to them! An ideal floor or wall will feel hard to the touch, but any soft spots you notice could be signs of water damage. Also look for floorboards that look warped or a significant amount of chipped paint. These are also big indicators of hidden water damage.


While it might not sound like a big problem, mold can actually be devastating to the health of your home. You can generally find this in your bathroom if you don’t regularly maintain it, so your focus should be on areas of the home you wouldn’t expect to find it in. If you’ve noticed it in your kitchen or bedroom, for example, it could be a telling sign that your home has suffered from water damage.

Gutter Installation at L.I. Metal Systems

One of the most common causes of water damage in your home is improperly maintained gutters. If your gutters get clogged, it can cause serious water damage to your home! Preventing it starts with gutter maintenance, and there’s no better team to work with on that than L.I. Metal Systems! We can install state-of-the-art gutters on your home and fit them with means of preventing clogging. When you work with us, you’ll be taking a positive step to maintaining your home’s health. Click here to get started!

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