A worker's blue-gloved hand can be seen reaching into rain gutters to pull out a pile of leaves. You can see the wet roof shingles behind the gutters, which are clogged with leaves.

How Big Of A Problem Are Clogged Gutters?

Your home’s rain gutters are arguably the most important feature of its exterior. They can protect your home from a variety of costly damages that can wreak havoc on your wallet. Mainly, they act as a stream for rain water to pass through, leading it away from your home in an efficient manner. So, what happens when these gutter systems get clogged? Debris such as leaves and sticks can easily put a plug in this system and make it harder for it to flow freely. But, just how big of a problem can clogged gutters be if they aren’t attended to? Read on to find out!

Foundational Damage

You might think that a little rainwater won’t be enough to cause serious damage to your home. However, you may be misjudging just how much a little rainwater can be! Every inch of rainwater on the surface area of your roof can translate into hundreds of gallons pouring through the cracks. With no place for the rainwater to go, it instead seeps through your roof’s panels and pools around your home’s foundation. This place is hard to access and even harder to repair! Pooling water around your home’s foundation can weaken the walls around your home and lead to a variety of other problems.

Gutter System Misalignment

Remember how heavy we said rainwater can be? A little bit of rainwater can add up to serious problems! Now apply a similar weight to your rain gutter systems. They are only designed to be able to hold so much weight, and breaking that limit can lead to serious consequences. The main thing to worry about here is the gutter system detaching itself from your roof. Since the gutters are so heavy, the restraints holding them in place won’t be able to do their job, disconnecting your gutters from your home. As you may have guessed, this is a costly problem that requires professional help to fix!

Pest Infestations

Did you know that water pooling on your roof can make a habitable breeding ground for pests? Specifically, mosquitos look for big bodies of water as a suitable environment for them. If you don’t fix your gutter clogging problem quickly, you could be in for a rough time! Mosquitos can eventually get inside your home and cause many inconveniences to everyone inside. Not to mention the fact that they could be carrying deadly diseases with them!

Gutter Replacement and Installation with L.I. Metal Systems

If your gutters have reached the point of no return, it’s time to take a look at the best options for your home. L.I. Metal Systems can fit your home with aluminum and copper gutters that boast unparalleled strength and durability. You won’t need to worry about replacing them for decades to come! To learn more about our gutter options and further fortify your home’s exterior, click here to contact us directly!

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