A man in work clothing uses a ladder to attempt to install white gutters on his brick house.

Why You Shouldn’t Install Rain Gutters Yourself

Tackling the many projects surrounding your home’s exterior can be quite a challenge. Not only are there a lot of parts that you need to ensure are working properly, but a lot of those parts require professional help to truly be done correctly. This is especially the case when it comes to your home’s rain gutters! While it is technically possible to install rain gutters on your own, this is far from the right decision to make. But if you can do it yourself, why shouldn’t you install your own rain gutters? We explain exactly why this is the case below!

It’s Far More Expensive

Believe it or not, it’s actually cheaper to hire a professional rain gutter installation company than doing it yourself! The cost of gutter materials adds up pretty quickly. There are far more parts that you’ll have to buy than you realize! It isn’t just the gutter materials; you’ll have to buy additional things like downspouts, clips, and adhesives to complete the installation. Professional contractors can obtain these materials for far cheaper prices than what’s available in stores, which makes their services cheaper by default!

The Risk For Injury Is High

There’s a reason why experts are trusted to install rain gutters for you! They take on a significant amount of risk when they perform the job. They also have significantly more experience and training in doing so, which helps to minimize that risk. If you try to install rain gutters on your own, you’ll be putting yourself at serious risk for injuries. You could fall and break a bone or suffer even more serious damage if you make a wrong move. Trusting professionals to do the job immediately eliminates the risk to you.

The Quality Isn’t As High

The materials offered in hardware stores may be able to fit on your roof, but are they high quality materials? The answer to that question is no! Companies that make gutter parts for the market will usually cut corners in the name of refilling stock, which causes the quality of each material to be lesser as a result. Professional installers take gutter materials from the best and most trusted suppliers, which means that they not only work better for your home, but last longer as well.

Gutter Installation with L.I. Metal Systems

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t install rain gutters yourself. If you’re looking for high quality materials that can last for decades, trust L.I. Metal Systems with your next gutter installation job! We’ve been Southern California’s trusted rain gutter contractor for decades, connecting homeowners with high quality aluminum and copper gutters. To keep your home better protected from the elements, click here to contact us directly!

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