Prepare Your Home’s Exterior For Harsh Weather

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Prepare Your Home’s Exterior For Harsh Weather

When it comes to the seasons in California, harsh weather can come at any time of year. The rain, storms and potential hail could lead to serious damages if you aren’t prepared for them! It’s important for you to start preparing your home’s exterior so you can combat these challenges. This way, you’ll be ready to brave the elements before they even arrive! But, what are the best ways to prepare your home’s exterior for the task? We give you the best ways to do so below!

Freshen Up Your Wood Trim

It’s crucial for you to prepare your wood trim for the elements. Because wood trim is so thin, the odds that it deteriorates without protection are much higher! In order to prep your wood trim for the elements, make sure that you keep it freshly painted and caulked in times where harsh weather is likely to occur. Take a lap around your home to make sure that none of the caulk there is cracked or the paint is chipped. If you do find these problems, simply reapply their respective coats. The more on top of this you are, the better chance that the wood trim holds up.

Clean Your Gutters

During the fall months, the chances for clogged gutters are at their highest. This is largely due to leaves that fall from the trees; these can get trapped in your gutters and prevent the proper flow of water off of your roof. This can lead to serious water damage for your roof and soffit, and it can even cause damage to your home’s foundation! Make sure that you’re routinely cleaning your gutters to prevent any clogging. This will ensure that you avoid the worst that water damage can bring.

Inspect Your Roof

If you can get a roof inspection done annually, you’ll be far better off for it. This will allow you to catch problems like broken/missing shingles, cracks, and moss before they can turn into serious issues. Some of these problems can be fixed entirely on your own, but more serious ones will require the assistance of a professional. A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t feel confident about doing it yourself, get a contractor!

Wood Trim and Gutters at L.I. Metal Systems

Of course, the best protection that your home can have against the elements is a strong exterior. At L.I. Metal Systems, we can help you achieve that! We can provide your home with state-of-the-art wood trim and gutter systems that will help your home stay sturdy through the harshest of weather conditions. To upgrade your home’s exterior, contact us today!

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