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Do Rain Gutter Leaf Protection by LeafBaster Pro Work Seamlessly in Heavy Rain?

Seamless gutters and various types of gutters are crucial for safeguarding your home from water damage. What transpires during adverse weather conditions, such as intense rainfall? This article examines the effectiveness of Rain Gutter Leaf Protection by LeafBlaster Pro during heavy rain. Additionally, we provide suggestions for enhancing its performance.

Addressing Challenges with Inside Miters

LeafBlaster Pro’s Rain Gutter Leaf Protection is suitable for various weather conditions. However, there could be problems with inside miters located at the end of a roof valley. This scenario can lead to rainwater running over the leaf guard protection during heavy downpours. To solve this, homeowners can install a perforated rainwater diverter along the roof’s inner miter edge.

The rainwater diverter is a strong aluminum piece with small holes. It easily attaches at the end of the roof valley, just above the stainless steel micro-mesh. Doing this helps spread out rainwater, avoiding it gathering in one spot.

Managing Debris Collection Behind the Diverter

Over time, debris, especially in galvanized steel and aluminum gutters, can accumulate behind the rainwater diverter. Regular maintenance involves cleaning out this debris to ensure continued effectiveness. While this task is infrequent, it’s crucial for maintaining the optimal performance of the gutter protection system.

When picking materials for your gutter system, use a brush to clean behind the diverter and clear away debris. Keeping the gutters system well-maintained makes it last longer and reduces the need for frequent cleaning of the micro-mesh.

Enhancing Cleaning Efficiency with The Gutter Guard Brush

For an even more convenient gutter cleaning solution, especially after gutter installation and considering various gutters materials, LeafBlaster Pro recommends The Gutter Guard Brush. Made for any gutter leafguard, this special brush eliminates the need to climb ladders or access the roof for cleaning. To use, simply screw the special brush onto the end of any standard extension pole. From the safety of the ground, reach up and effortlessly brush off debris from the gutter guard.

Plastic guard brush in new dark grey plastic rain gutter on asphalt shingles roof. Plastic guard brush in new dark grey plastic rain gutter on asphalt shingles roof. Gutter Guard Brush stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Conclusion: A Comprehensive Solution for Rain Gutter Protection

In conclusion, LeafBlaster Pro’s Rain Gutter Leaf Protection works well in heavy rain, keeping your home safe from water damage. It takes care of corners and comes with tools like the rainwater diverter and The Gutter Guard Brush for good and lasting gutter protection.

To learn more about LeafBlaster Pro’s Rain Gutter Leaf Protection and to buy The Gutter Guard Brush, check L.I. Metal Systems or call 800-624-3998. Invest in the protection your home deserves, even in the harshest weather conditions.

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