Comparing Metal and Plastic Gutters: Making the Right Choice

metal and plastic gutters

Comparing Metal and Plastic Gutters: Making the Right Choice

Every part of your home’s structure serves a vital purpose. The foundation bears the weight of the entire house, ensuring stability. Framing supports the walls and roof to maintain its shape and integrity. Insulation is for temperature regulation. While gutters divert rainwater away from your home’s foundation, preventing erosion and basement flooding.

Due to this, it is important to choose the materials for your home’s structure properly. When it comes to gutters, metal and plastic are two of the most commonly used. However, these two have distinct differences that may affect your decision.

Metal vs. Plastic Gutters

Choosing between plastic and metal gutters is a critical decision for your home’s drainage system. However, knowing what material to use can be confusing, as both options have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a helpful guide on the advantages of plastic and metal gutters.

Plastic Gutters

Plastic gutters have gained popularity due to their cost-effectiveness and versatility. When it comes to installation, working with PVC gutters is notably safer, thanks to their lightweight nature.

Gutters made of plastic materials are also known for being:

  • Flexible: Plastic gutters maximize material flexibility, making them conform easily to intricate roof designs.
  • Affordable: Its accessibility and ease of handling result in lower labor costs compared to metal, wood, or heavier materials used by contractors.
  • Great for custom-made gutters: Plastic’s malleability allows it to effortlessly adapt to various gutter styles, sizes, and modifications. It offers the flexibility to make minor adjustments, add new components, or repaint as desired.
  • Corrosion resistant: With plastic, rust is not a concern, even after years of exposure to sun and rain. However, some disadvantages of plastic gutters are UV exposure and thermal movement, as these can cause them to deteriorate.

Metal Gutters

Compared to plastic, metal is the more popular option for gutters. This is because of its ability to maintain its aesthetic appeal for decades without requiring frequent repairs. Metal gutters are commonly used in both residential and commercial structures.

Below are some of the reasons that contribute to metal gutters’ popularity:

  • Durable and damage-resistant: With consistent maintenance, metal gutters can last long without any repairs. This material is recognized for its durability even in the face of the most severe weather conditions.
  • Versatility: Like plastic gutters, the metal ones can also be tailored to fit the dimensions of a property, ultimately enhancing its overall aesthetic value.
  • Corrosion resistant: Corrosion is one of the major concerns most homeowners have when dealing with various types of metal, like copper. However, a professional installation gutter service offers top-notch metals that effectively guard against corrosion for long periods.

Know more about this by checking out L.I. Metal’s Reason to Install Copper Rain Gutters.

  • Easy to Maintain: Metal gutters are designed to be wide enough to collect all rainfall during storms. Their size is also beneficial for easier inspections and removal of any dirt or debris.

Which is the Better Choice?

When choosing between metal and plastic gutters, it is important to consider your budget, climate, and desired aesthetics.

Metal gutters, such as aluminum or copper, provide durability and a longer lifespan, whereas plastic gutters offer affordability and ease of installation.

If your priority is budget, then plastic gutters are the perfect choice. However, you must take this with a grain of salt, as plastic gutters typically have a shorter lifespan compared to their metal counterparts.

This leads to the important question: “How long do plastic gutters last?” Keep in mind that while they are cost-effective initially, they may require more frequent replacement in the long run.

Where to Get the Best Rain Gutters in California?

Without a doubt, both metal and plastic are good material options for gutters. You just need to prioritize your needs and preferences. But if ever you decide on installing metal gutters, L.I. Metal Systems is a name you can trust.

Founded in 1970, we are the very first seamless rain gutter company in California. We started out by persuading builders and homeowners to opt for seamless, tailor-made rain gutters instead of conventional ones. With this effort, we continued to gain traction and remained a trusted gutter installer.

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