A close up of a white overhang with several brown patches along the bottom, signifying rot.

Common Soffit and Fascia Problems To Look Out For

Getting aluminum soffit and fascia installed on your home can provide it with a variety of benefits. You’ll add to your home’s curb appeal with a personal touch, prevent pests from infiltrating your home, and provide your home with much needed ventilation. Proper maintenance and care of your soffit and fascia will help to ensure that problems don’t arise often. However, that doesn’t mean that issues won’t pop up from time to time! It’s important to know the signs so you can fix the problem quickly. We’ll give you a crash course on common soffit and fascia problems below!

Holes or Cracks

Your soffit and fascia should be uniform throughout the area of your home’s exterior. If it looks that way, your house will be properly fortified against the elements and unwanted pests. However, you should be routinely inspecting your soffit and fascia to check for holes and cracks in this armor. Small holes or cracks can be filled in without the need for repair. However, if you notice larger ones, you may need to replace your soffit and fascia entirely. Otherwise, water could leak into your home and cause costly water damage!

Rotting Wood

Holes or cracks may not be the first sign of needing to replace your soffit and fascia boards! The first signs of turmoil may be a little further down the length of your house. Look for wood that’s either been exposed, chipped, broken off, or warped. If you notice any of these traits upon glancing at your home’s exterior, it’s a sign of damage to your soffit and fascia. Sometimes, you may not be able to catch leaks before they happen. This will usually lead to the rotting wood issue and is a sign of needing replacement soffit and fascia boards.

Poor Attic Ventilation

If you’re still not convinced that you’ve done a thorough job, there’s actually another way to tell if your soffit and fascia isn’t functioning properly! For this method, you want to be inside of your home. Get a gauge for the temperature in the downstairs rooms, then make your way up to the attic. Do you notice a difference? If your soffit and fascia isn’t functioning properly, it leads to poor ventilation in the upper areas of your home. If you notice this, you may need to repair or replace it!

Soffit and Fascia with L.I. Metal Systems

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