A close up view of a home's roof and copper gutter system. The copper is dyed silver, while the roof has orange tiles. You can see the top of a brick wall along the bottom.

Aluminum Vs. Copper Gutters

The components that make up your home’s exterior all play an important role in keeping your home safe. Soffit and fascia boards help to keep pests away from your home and provide it with insulation. Windows provide insulation and weather protection. Perhaps the most important component of your home is its rain gutter system. Without it, water would pool on your roof and seep inside, damaging it and your home’s foundation to boot! It’s important to make an informed decision when choosing your gutters. We give you a guide to aluminum gutters and copper gutters below!

Pros of Aluminum Gutters

There’s a reason why aluminum is the most popular metal to use for gutters! Aluminum is very lightweight and durable, making it easier for workers to install it. Because of these traits, aluminum gutters are very inexpensive when compared to other materials. Aluminum gutters also have superior resistance to corrosion and erosion, meaning that they’ll be durable enough to protect your home for years to come. As a stylish perk, you can also get aluminum gutters in several different colors!

Pros of Copper Gutters

One of the main attractions of copper gutters is their superior strength and corrosion resistance. Copper gutters are actually even stronger than aluminum gutters, and they can last for upwards of 30 to 40 years without much maintenance! From a stylistic standpoint, the main draw of installing copper gutters is the long-term appearance that they’ll take on. They’ll go from being a burnt orange to an inviting shade of green over time. This change in appearance also doesn’t subtract from its overall strength and durability.

Cons of Both Gutters

No material is perfect to use for your gutters! Each one will come with some form of disadvantage. The main drawback of copper gutters, for example, is the higher cost that comes with installation. Copper gutters cost well more than aluminum gutters do to install thanks to the fact that they require a full copper system to be installed – all the way down to the screws! Aluminum gutters don’t handle high temperatures as well as copper ones do, and hail and debris will likely make a dent in your gutters if they aren’t thick enough. They rust much faster than copper gutters as well.

Gutter Installation with L.I. Metal Systems

Now that you know of the pros and cons that these types of gutters can offer, the next step is finding the most reputable company to successfully install them. In Southern California, that’s L.I. Metal Systems! We specialize in gutter installation in addition to aluminum soffit and fascia. Our results speak for themselves, giving your home the protection it deserves from the coastal climates. To fortify your home from the elements, click here to contact us directly!

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