Climate Change and Rain Gutters: Things you need to Know

Climate Change and Rain Gutters

Climate Change and Rain Gutters: Things you need to Know

Climate change has always been a rising concern for homeowners. Unpredictable weather patterns can have significant economic, social, and health impacts. It also compromises a home’s safety by weakening its defenses: the rain gutters.

As a homeowner, knowing how to reinforce your home’s defenses in the face of this crisis is essential. Understanding the relationship between climate change and rain gutters helps you learn how to maximize your home’s protection.

Consider the following factors on how climate change affects your gutter system:

Climate Change Means Stronger Weather

Climate change can make weather patterns more intense. Atmospheric conditions change as global temperatures rise, influencing the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and droughts become worse and more frequent, leading to various gutter problems.

Fortunately, before harsh weather occurs, you can prepare your house’s exterior, including rain gutters. To successfully do this, you must understand how weather events affect gutter systems and how you can help them protect your home.

Heavier Rain Fall Damage Gutters

Homeowners should anticipate heavier rain with climate change. The warmer the ocean becomes, the more water evaporates into the air, leading to intense precipitation. In fact, the amount of rainfall in heavy precipitation events in certain areas of the U.S. is 30% more than the average 63 years ago.

During a strong downpour, rain gutters become increasingly susceptible to receiving damage, especially on their joints and seams. These weak points can collapse or break when heavy water weighs down on them. This leads to hefty repairs and leaves your property defenseless for the rest of the storm.

It is important to have dependable rain gutters in stormy weather. This is why seamless rain gutters became more popular among homeowners. A seamless gutter system is much more reliable during bad weather because they do not have weak points. It uses a continuous metal piece to custom fit your home, foregoing seams.

Besides getting more durable protection against heavy rain, you get more value out of your gutter system with the benefits of seamless gutters.

Extreme Drought Causes Gutter Corrosion

Climate change brings extreme drought. Hot days become hotter with the rise of global temperatures. Drought causes a plethora of problems for your homes. For starters, it can dry up and shrink the soil around the house, causing the foundation to settle or crack. This can cause the gutter system to shift, bend, or detach.

During drought, your gutters become more vulnerable to blockage due to dirt, dust, and debris. The heat can cause nearby trees to dry out, leading more leaves to fall. A debris protection system like a gutter screen can help prevent rain gutter blockage, ensuring you have a functioning rainwater channel during rainy weather.

Fortify Your Home Against Climate Change

The growing climate crisis has inspired homeowners to take better care of their homes and defenses. Fortify your rain gutters by choosing reliable gutter system solutions. You can also complete a preparation checklist to prepare your home’s exterior for harsh weather.

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