Sherry Foley

Relationship: Client, Project Date: May 2012
Project Price Range: $1,000 – $9,999
We had L.I. Metals install our gutters many years ago. They were quick, precise, and matched our trim color perfect. After years of being up and working great, I crunched a corner with my camp trailer. Trailer not bad, but the gutter was smooshed and in the front corner of the house. I had to scramble to find the phone number for L.I. and called them and said PLEASE come out soon and replace before my husband gets home. They were out the next day and replaced it quick and color matched!! They saved me from having to explain the damage, lol. I did fess up a year later. By then old news I told him. lol. Great company. I would hire again and recommend them any time. Thanks L.I.

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