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How to Choose the Right Gutter Color For Your Home

Selecting the right gutter color for a home may seem like an easy decision at first. However, there are various factors to consider on how to choose the right gutter color for a home. First, it is important to check if there are any gutter color and gutter type rules and guidelines in cities, counties, or homeowner’s associations.

If homeowners have the freedom to choose gutter colors for themselves, here are some helpful guidelines when deciding the right gutter color.

Match The Siding or Exterior Paint Color of the House

One of the most popular ways of choosing gutter colors is to use a color that matches the house’s siding. Matching gutters with the siding or exterior of the house can help create a seamless look that does not clash with the overall visual aesthetic of the house. Moreover, the gutters can effectively serve their functional purpose, but one may need help to tell they are there.

Match the Gutter Color to the Roof Style

Choosing the right gutter color is an important decision that homeowners can consider. Another helpful tip for homeowners is to match the rain gutters to the color of the roof so that it will look like a natural part of the roofline instead of a border around the house. Homeowners can either choose to match the gutter color to the roof or choose something that stands out depending on the architectural style of the house.

Match the House Trim Color

Homeowners who are not interested in matching the gutters with the siding or roof can opt to match the gutters with the house’s trim instead. Doing this helps minimize how much the gutters stand out visually because they run against the house’s trim. While the gutters may be less obvious in front of the house, they can be more obvious against the sides of the home where there is less or no trim.

Consider the Weather and Climate

The weather and climate are other important factors to consider when homeowners ask, “What color should my gutters be?” If the house’s location sees more sunny days, the rain gutters will be more exposed to UV rays. Darker colors like black gutters respond well to UV exposure as a slight tint to their original tone can go unnoticed. Meanwhile, lighter gutter colors do not respond well, and they tend to show more visible signs of exposure to the sun over time.

Types of Rain Gutter Colors to Choose From

When selecting the right color for gutters, a gutter color chart can help homeowners visualize the available options that they can choose from. Thinking about the colors of the house and the desired effect that one wants to create can help in the decision-making process.


Gray is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for neutral and cool roof gutter color combinations. Gray rain gutters can look good in combination with white and ivory-colored homes. It also complements homes with unique and neutral colors like black and dark gray.


Black rain gutters are sleek and smooth and can add a modern touch to the home’s exterior. It also helps the house become more distinguishable from others. Black gutters are a great choice for contemporary homes as it makes the house stand out more.


Brown gutters are a versatile option in a gutter color visualizer since they can blend in with traditional and contemporary houses. They may be less noticeable, but they provide a clean overall look.

What’s the most popular gutter color?

For homeowners who are still deciding about choosing gutter colors Home Depot, it can be helpful to look around their neighborhood. Take note of the color that the neighbors have chosen for their homes and use this for inspiration. Furthermore, checking the colors that the neighbors have used can help in getting a sense of which styles and color schemes are suitable for houses.

White and off-white colors are generally the most popular and standard choice in a ABC gutter color chart since they blend well with any sidings, trims, and roofs. These colors provide a clean and finished look to the house’s exterior. Moreover, it is a cheaper option, especially for those on a budget. Meanwhile, more colorful paint with unique shades and tones tends to cost more.

Choose the Right Gutter Color For Your Home with LI Metal Systems

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