How Much Do Rain Gutters Cost?

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How Much Do Rain Gutters Cost?

Rain gutters are a wise investment for any Southern Californian home. Rain gutters catch and redirect the water away from your siding and foundation. Ultimately, they protect your home from water damage and its devastating and costly consequences.

Since it can be an expensive project, homeowners may reasonably ask, “how much do rain gutters cost?” and “how much does rain gutter installation cost?” Knowing this critical information can help you prepare for the extra expenses and help you choose an excellent rain gutters contractor in your area. Read more below to learn about the average costs of rain gutter installation and rain gutter leaf protection.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Rain Gutters?

Rain gutters cost between $1000 to $3000 to install on an average-sized, single-story home. Homeowners can pay anywhere between $9 to $21 per linear foot. While this is a large margin, many factors affect the final bill. The price of rain gutter installation depends on the material, style, size, quality, downspouts, end caps, gutter guards, and labor cost.

Most rain gutters contractors provide an up-front estimate or quote for the job. You will see a breakdown of all the factors and their estimated costs. These figures will be more accurate than using the average prices.

How Much Do Rain Gutters Cost?

Rain gutters cost between $9 and $21 per linear foot. Many different rain gutters options are available, allowing homeowners and rain gutter contractors to make a selection that works for the home perfectly.

Rain Gutter Cost by Material

The most affordable rain gutters are made of vinyl, costing $4 to $8 on average. Aluminum rain gutters are also cost-effective, priced between $8 and $12. More expensive materials include copper priced between $15 to $30 on average.

Rain Gutter Cost by Style

Professional teams select the rain gutter style by your roof pitch, mounting options, average rainfall in the area, and your aesthetic preferences. K-Style(OG) gutters are popular in Southern California, averaging $8 to $12 per linear foot. Half-Round style rain gutters are also a traditional option, costing between $9 and $15.

Homeowners can also choose between sectional and seamless rain gutters. Sectional gutters are pre-cut lengths, each installed and sealed piece-by-piece. They are extremely cheaper than seamless gutters because they aren’t as effective, nor do they last as long.

Rain Gutter Cost by Size

Rain gutters typically come in 5-inch, 6-inch, and sometimes even 7-inch. Usually, the larger the gutter, the more expensive they will be per lineal foot.

Rain Gutter Cost by Quality

Another consideration weighing into “how much do rain gutters cost?” is the actual material itself. Professional rain gutters contractors normally deal with aluminum and copper, and sometimes steel. Quality materials are critical for durability and longevity.

How Much Do Downspouts and End Caps Cost?

The cost of downspouts and end caps depends on the material and the total number necessary to complete your rain gutter system. Downspouts cost between $50 and $100. Since most houses need between four and eight downspouts, a typical homeowner pays between $200 and $800 for downspouts. End caps are also necessary, and normally included in your lineal foot price The number of end caps necessary depends on your home’s shape and size.

How Much Does Rain Gutter Leaf Protection Cost?

Rain gutter leaf protection can increase the lifespan of rain gutters, cut down on maintenance, prevent clogs during storms, and stave off insects and small animals. In addition, guards can improve the aesthetic appeal of your rain gutters and home. They can cost between $6 and $12 per linear foot.

How Much Is Rain Gutter Installation and Replacement?

Apart from the rain gutter system’s cost, homeowners should be aware of the cost of labor. Some rain gutters contractors include the cost of installation in the cost of the materials. In contrast, others tack it on as its own expense. Generally, installation prices vary based on the following:

  • Education and training of the team
  • Experience of the group or company
  • The height of your home
  • Any architectural challenges requiring unique installation
  • The time necessary to complete the project
  • The time of year
  • New installation or replacement (replacement requires extra labor to remove outdated gutters)

Need to Know How Much Your Rain Gutters Will Cost?

Since so many factors can change how much rain gutters cost, it is worthwhile to consult your local rain gutters contractor. At L.I. Metal Systems, our specialists would be happy to evaluate your home and draw up a detailed estimate for you. Contact us today for your free quote!

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