Rain Gutter in Santa Ana, CA

Trusted Rain Gutter Installer in Santa Ana, CA

The rainy season is a better time to enjoy the breeze, relax, and feel safe at home. However, if you are not adequately prepared, it only takes one storm to wreak havoc on your home’s foundation.

One way to avoid this is to ensure your gutters are clean and well-maintained before the rain arrives.

Poor gutters can put your home’s foundation at serious risk. The primary function of your drainage method is to drain water from the foundation.

However, water can’t flow properly into the drainpipe if your drainage system is clogged with leaves or debris. Overflowing water can cause the foundation to collapse and eventually lead to irreparable damage.

If you have low-quality and unmaintained gutters, you often search rain gutter near me in Santa Ana, CA to look for installation services for your home. With many companies available online, it is essential to do a background check and know their quality of work.

You must find a trusted rain gutter installer, such as L.I. Metal Systems, to install high-quality and durable gutters that will last for many years.

Signs You Need a Rain Gutter

As with most aspects of life, prevention is preferable to treatment. Regular gutter maintenance and inspection will help deter more severe issues. Here are few signs that you need new gutters:


Small cracks in your gutters may not appear to be a significant problem; however, if they are not repaired promptly, they will grow larger and cause additional damage to your gutters.

Peeling Paint

Your gutter paint should resist wear and tear from the seasons. If your gutters have been used for a while, you may notice peeling paint and orange flecks. This could indicate that your gutters are not draining water properly. Thus, you need to replace them as soon as possible.

Pooling Water

The primary function of a gutter system is to prevent water from pooling around your home’s foundation. If your gutters fail to prevent water accumulation, you should replace them.

Pools of water near your home’s foundation indicate that the gutters are likely clogged or leaking. It can cause water to overflow the troughs and run directly down the side of your home.

How Much Does a Gutter Installation Cost?

As of 2023, the average cost of gutter installation ranges from $1,120 to $4,640, or $7 to $29 per linear foot. In the United States, its average cost is between $7 and $14 per linear foot; however, copper gutters can cost up to $30 per linear foot.

Prices for replacement gutters are determined by several factors, including:

  • The style you prefer for gutters;
  • Gutter materials;
  • Your home’s square footage and stories;
  • Gutter accessories; and
  • Labor and installation costs.

Remember that replacing your gutters is significantly less expensive than rebuilding your roof or repairing other problems caused by substantial water damage to your property. It is crucial to fix broken gutters before suffering additional damage and costs.

Additionally, a gutter replacement can be more expensive than the initial gutter installation. Contractors may charge extra fees for removing and disposing of your existing gutters. Any damage to your roof will increase the cost of your project.

Is it worth it to install DIY gutters?

One of the advantages of DIY is that there is no need to account for labor costs. It can save you money and take on responsibility for yourself.

However, you will need to rent or buy the tools and equipment that professional companies already own. These professionals know where to find high-quality materials at the most affordable prices. Furthermore, if anything goes wrong during installation, it is the company’s responsibility, not you.

For your next gutter replacement, you should also consider hiring a professional due to safety concerns, water damage inspection, and accurate pitch measurements.

While DIY might seem cheaper upfront, it can quickly add to your long-term costs and consume your time.

Invest in Quality Gutters with L.I. Metal System

L.I. Metal Systems is a reputable, full-service eave remodeler. We install industry-leading rain gutters, soffit and fascia (overhang) systems, and other high-quality products.

We have been in business for over 50 years and take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to your budget, theme, and schedule.

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