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Every part of your home is critical to keeping it safe from external elements. Your roof, doors, and windows play an important role in protecting your home. But do you know what else is important? Your rain gutters.

You may think gutters are insignificant components of your house, but they serve an important purpose. This long, hollow device connected to your roof is a crucial piece of your water discharge system. Gutter prevents mold, mildew, and other water damage from destroying your home, particularly its foundations.

When installing rain gutters, it is best to seek professional help. While there is nothing wrong with doing it on your own, you have to be cautious. Improper installation of gutters can cause severe damage, like flooding your basement and degrading your home’s foundation. But how can you ensure that the rain gutter installer you hire is trustworthy?

How to Spot a Trustworthy Gutter Installer?

There are many ways to identify a reliable gutter installation company. But to help you narrow down your choices, here are some telltale signs that will help you choose a gutter installer:

  • Do your research

If there is one thing that will save you a lot of time and money, it is doing proper research. While there is no fault in trusting companies recommended by your family and friends, checking the company’s credentials is still important. Try to cross-check if their claims match with client testimonials. You may also check Google reviews to know about their products and services.

  • Check their documentation

Another thing sets a trustworthy company from the others is that they have complete documentation, such as licenses and warranties. These documents will tell you if they are permitted to operate and if you can hold them accountable for improper service. If a company is confident of its products and services, they will not hesitate to show their credentials.

  • Request estimate quotes

Once you start doing your rain gutter near me in Huntington Beach, CA research, it is most likely that you will be bombarded with many companies. But try to avoid being overwhelmed. Instead, try to ask for estimated price quotations and see what company suits your needs, preferences, and budget. A good gutter contractor will have options for you to choose from, and they will be more than happy to visit your home to measure or ask your roofline’s measurements.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

When you are done scouting the most trustworthy gutter installer, you may also need to check whether or not you have to replace your gutters. This is especially important for homeowners with old houses. Here are some signs that will tell you need to replace your gutters:

  • Sagging gutters

When you notice your gutters are already sagging, it is a clear indication that they need to be replaced. A sagging gutter can be caused by several things: faulty fasteners, debris, or structural issues.

When a sagging gutter is not fixed, it can cause water to leak onto the fascia board and lead to serious damage to the foundation and siding. One way to check if your gutters are sagging is to look for a gap between the gutter and the fascia board.

  • Leaks

The primary purpose of your gutter is to keep rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Hence, leaks will be apparent if they are not functioning properly. So, if you notice small puddles of water on your floor, you might need to consider having your gutters checked and replaced.

  • Rust

Gutter systems are designed to keep water from accumulating inside your home. Rust formations in your gutter is an indication of moisture damage. The longer you wait to repair your gutter, the worse the damage will be.

  • Peeling paint

The main goal of paint is to prevent metal from corrosion. Thus, peeling paint on gutters is another sign that you may need a new gutter system. While you can easily repaint your gutters, you must be cautious. When the paint starts to peel, you may also notice small spots of rust on your gutters

Install Your Gutters with L. I. Metal Systems

L.I. Metal Systems is a gutter installation company founded in 1970 by Tony Chiovare and Peter Buekckert. Since its inception, the company has delivered the best products and services for gutter systems to many households and builders. We have been in service for over 51 years, and despite our multiple awards and recognitions, L.I. Metal Systems continues to strive for excellence. If you need a trustworthy gutter installer, you can always rely on us!

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